About Us:
Compass CRP and Safety Solutions, LLC, is driven by a deep-rooted passion and commitment of local community welfare and the empowerment of individuals and businesses with life-saving knowledge and emergency preparedness. Under the leadership of registered nurse Karen Ketchie, the company’s core mission embodies the belief in serving one’s neighbors responsibly, an idea manifested through various services such as CPR and safety training. With a rich history of corporate training, the Compass team team facilitates comprehensive training and consulting services focused on surge capacity, continuity of operations planning, and emergency operations.

Founder and Owner:
Before establishing Compass CRP and Safety Solutions, Karen held pivotal roles in organizations where her crisis management and operational leadership led to saving lives and significant process improvements.
She served in roles that reflected impactful interventions in a range of emergencies, including wildfires, hurricanes, and the COVID-19 pandemic, underscore her commitment to the welfare of communities.

Currently serving on a federal Incident Management Team and international teams for Samaritan’s Purse and Team Rubicon, the company’s commitment to community well-being extends both locally and globally.

The company’s Outdoor Experience initiative reflects the intersection of her passion for the outdoors and focus on emergency preparedness. Sharing skills and knowledge around a campfire exemplifies the deeply satisfying experience of communal learning and preparedness. Ketchie resides in the Murray Hill community in Jacksonville, FL.