Hospitality and Service Industries

Welcome to Compass CPR and Safety Solutions, LLC – your dedicated partner in comprehensive safety training tailored for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hotels, and other service and hospitality industry businesses.

With a focus on empowering your team to handle emergencies effectively, we offer a range of specialized training programs designed to meet the unique needs of your public-facing business.

Comprehensive Safety Training: Ensure your team is well-prepared to respond to any emergency situation with our comprehensive safety training programs. We cover essential life-saving skills, including CPR/AED, choking response for all ages, basic first aid, and crucial emergency preparedness. We conduct training sessions on-site, in your space, for a more realistic and tailored experience.

Invest in the Safety of Your Workforce: Prioritize the safety and well-being of your Service Team by partnering with Compass CPR and Safety Solutions, LLC. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and let us be your trusted ally in creating a secure and prepared team. Be ready, be confident – because safety is our priority.

Risk Mitigation: Accidents can occur in any environment. Investing in comprehensive safety training mitigates potential risks, maintaining a secure environment for guests and employees and reducing liabilities in the dynamic hospitality industry.

Contact Compass CPR and Safety Solutions, LLC, and let us be your trusted ally in creating a secure and prepared team. Safety is our priority – be ready, be confident.

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Welcome to Compass CPR and Safety Solutions, LLC – your trusted partner for comprehensive Emergency Disaster Plan development and staff training tailored specifically for the hospitality industry.

Identifying and addressing your facility’s specific vulnerabilities, including fire hazards, security threats, and electrical emergencies, is our specialty. Our expert team is dedicated to providing hands-on training, ensuring your staff is fully equipped to handle any potential crisis with confidence and efficiency. With our tailored solutions, you can rest assured that your guests and property are in safe hands. Feel free to contact our office for a personalized consultation to address your requirements.

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