Basic First Aid $55.00

The Basic First Aid course is adult or pediatric focused. It covers the following topics:
– Scene Assessment and Safety
– Medical Emergencies (asthma, allergic reactions, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, seizures)
– Injury Emergencies (bleeding, shock, wounds, spinal inquiries, broken bones, and sprains)
– Environmental Emergencies (bites, stings, temperature related injuries, poison emergencies)

The class complies with all federal (OSHA) requirements. This course is frequently combined with the CPR / AED courses for a comprehensive training.
Class Formats:
• Stand Alone class is presented in a traditional classroom setting only
• Optional combination with CPR/AED courses, either as a blended class or separate courses.

Class Delivery Types


    This training is entirely in person. No online training or testing.

    This training combines self-paced e-Learning with a required instructor led in-person skills training/check.

    This is for the blended learner that does not need skills training or practice, only validation of skills to complete certification. Initial and Recertification.