Primary and Secondary Schools Industry

Compass CPR and Safety Solutions delivers essential lifesaving training for primary and secondary education, encompassing CPR/AED for all ages, Pediatric First Aid, Severe Bleeding Control, and Narcan administration for opioid overdose. This training provides crucial benefits:

Immediate Response Skills: Equipping educators and staff to respond swiftly and confidently to emergencies, enhancing the safety of students and creating a secure learning environment.

Pediatric-Centric: Specialized Pediatric First Aid ensures tailored care for younger students, addressing their unique medical needs and fostering a child-friendly safety approach.

Trauma Management: Severe Bleeding Control training empowers school personnel to manage traumatic injuries, a vital skill in handling accidents or unforeseen incidents on campus.

Opioid Overdose Preparedness: Narcan administration training is particularly relevant in the context of the opioid crisis, enabling timely intervention and potentially saving lives.

Risk Mitigation: By enhancing the preparedness of educators and staff, the training minimizes risks, promoting a proactive safety culture within educational institutions.

Compass CPR and Safety Solutions’ tailored training for primary and secondary education goes beyond basic skills, offering specialized knowledge that directly addresses the unique needs of educational settings. The benefits range from immediate response capabilities to creating a culture of safety that positively impacts the well-being of students and the entire school community.

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