Welcome to Compass CPR and Safety Solutions, LLC – your dedicated partner in comprehensive safety training tailored for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other service industry businesses. With a focus on empowering your team to handle emergencies effectively, we offer a range of specialized training programs designed to meet the unique needs of the service industry.

Comprehensive Safety Training:
Ensure your team is well-prepared to respond to any emergency situation with our comprehensive safety training programs. We cover essential life-saving skills, including CPR/AED, choking response for all ages, basic first aid, and crucial emergency preparedness. We conduct training sessions on-site, in your space, for a more realistic and tailored experience.

Emergency Preparedness Planning:
Minimize risks and create a safer retail environment by investing in emergency preparedness. Our training extends beyond skills development to include knowledge and confidence-building, allowing your team to act swiftly and effectively during various emergencies. We can also support your efforts in developing and exercising tailored emergency plans for your business.

Invest in the Safety of Your Workforce:
Prioritize the safety and well-being of your Service Team by partnering with Compass CPR and Safety Solutions, LLC. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and let us be your trusted ally in creating a secure and prepared team. Be ready, be confident – because safety is our priority.