Liaison to International Emergency Management Professionals


🌟 Recent Highlight: Compass CPR and Safety Solutions Welcomes Emergency Preparedness Professionals from Tokyo, Japan! 🌟

At Compass CPR and Safety Solutions, we are dedicated to fostering global partnerships and enhancing emergency preparedness across borders. Recently, we had the honor of hosting a delegation of emergency preparedness professionals from Tokyo, Japan.

Facilitating Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration:

During their visit, we facilitated meaningful meetings and insightful tours with our local emergency management professionals. This exchange aimed to share best practices, strategies, and innovative approaches to emergency preparedness, particularly focusing on the evacuation of elders and individuals with special needs within the community.

Why It Matters:

This collaboration underscores our commitment to not only serving our local community but also engaging with a global network of professionals dedicated to safety and preparedness. By learning from each other, we strengthen our ability to protect and support vulnerable populations during emergencies.

Thank you to our local emergency management colleagues for making this such a huge success, without you this would not have been possible and to my esteemed guests from Tokyo, Japan, for their valuable contributions to this enriching exchange. Together, we are stronger, safer, and better prepared.

LinkedIn Quote from Interpreter Joel Challender

“Just returned from a very fruitful fieldwork trip to Jacksonville, Florida which was organised and facilitated by Karen Ketchie. This marks the first step in an important partnership between Japanese researchers and Jacksonville regarding how to safeguard vulnerable populations during flooding events. Many thanks to Karen Ketchie and her associates for making this possible.
@Compass CPR and Safety Solutions
@City of Jacksonville”